Innotrans: The Rendez-Vous of the World Rail Industry

The Blaise company enthusiastically visited the 2018 Innotrans Show in Berlin.
A must-have platform for supply and demand in the rail sector, this international trade fair brings together the world’s major players in the sector and offers a complete overview of the market, so it was only natural that we should be present to represent BFI and BDI.


BFI (Blaise Fixation Industrielles): Manufacturing and trading of different types of fasteners and assembling by hot forming in different materials.
BDI (Blaise Découpage Industriel): Initially manufacturer of nuts and rectangular plates, bevelled .. now offers metal fasteners to meet the requirements of industrial transport.


We would like to thank once again all the companies with whom we were able to discuss our different trades during these 4 days.

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